About Us

My name is Elle Lindores and I am a fused glass artist from beautiful Norfolk in the UK

I began making fused glass as a hobby in 2008 and, having experimented with developing and perfecting different techniques, very gradually progressed to starting my own business making and selling glass in 2015 before taking the plunge to become a full time self employed glass artist in 2016. 

Something I'm sure you will have noticed is that I use a lot of bright colour in all of my pieces. i believe that colour carries an uplifting energy and there are many studies into the positive power that colour has on mood. I want my creations to make people smile and I now strive even harder to create  exclusively 'happy home' decor pieces to bring a positive vibe to any space.

I love making glass. It is a beautiful and skilled craft with so many avenues to explore in terms of different techniques, textures and forms. It's the only craft that I have never become bored of! I particularly enjoy making custom orders as I find it often gives me the opportunity to learn something new and use my creative brain to achieve exactly what my customers are looking for.

I currently live in the Norfolk countryside with my husband, two dachshunds and two cats.